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What I can do for you

TypeScript, HTML and CSS


I can develop any kind of web application using the framework you prefer.

I am strongly skilled in TypeScript, React, HTML5, every CSS pre/post processor and node.js.

Sharped like knifes


I can train your team members to be really cost-effective, efficient and proactive.

Coding is a cost and we all know it. Best practices reduce these costs and makes your team members happier.

We before I

Team building

A very close-knit small team works like dozens of single people.

Alone we could go faster, but together we can go farther.

Trusted by many


your business


Yes, if you think I could be helpful for your business, contact me

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If you want to keep in touch with me add me to your LinkedIn network.

Usually I answer to messages from 10.00am to 14.00am (GTM+1 Rome)

Remember that I am quite busy, so please do not get mad at me if I do not reply you instantly.